MADILL — When you have nothing to lose, you are often at your most dangerous.

MADILL — When you have nothing to lose, you are often at your most dangerous.

For the experienced group on the Madill Lady Wildcats this fast pitch season, it’s all about setting a new standard, instead of reflecting on what has been.

Rylee Ruff and Kortlyn Yow along with Kyann Melton will make up just a fraction of the upperclassmen core for MHS, as they look to not only survive the regular season, but make an impact in the postseason and possibly beyond.

“Being a senior, I just want all of us to work hard and keep a good attitude,” Ruff said. “We’re really close with one another right now as it is."

“Our senior class has been together all throughout high school and middle school softball. “We have a chance to pass down our experiences to the freshmen and sophomore players, and make them better than they already are.”

For Yow, her start to the regular season has experienced a slight delay.

Due to a torn ACL suffered during basketball season, the senior Lady Wildcat is having to wait before making her grand entrance to her final year on the diamond.

But, as she said, her therapy is coming along right on schedule, and she should be back to action sooner rather than later.

“I have a month left in rehab and therapy,” Yow said. “I’ll be back pretty soon and I can’t wait for that. I recently just started sprinting in my physical therapy. In about a month I’ll find out if I’m cleared for action and then I’ll be able to see if I can cut properly and everything else.”

“We are all together on this squad and try not to leave anyone out in anything,” Yow added. “Getting to prove how good we are at regionals would mean the world to myself and the rest of these girls. It’s not just about proving it to our town but proving it to ourselves that we are good enough to make these things happen.”

“I’m just hoping we make it a good season and always keep our heads up,” Melton said. “We have a lot of good seniors who have been playing for a long time, and they keep us together. It would be great to get the Madill softball name out there this season and prove something to everyone.”

“You expect so much out of your seniors and your upperclassmen as it is,” he said. “Kortlyn is going to bring a lot to this team once she gets healthy. Rylee is a solid player and leader as well. Kyann is just a solid offensive and defensive player. Having these types of players makes my job so much easier.”