Madill voters will decide whether or not to approve a $19,885,000 bond for a Fine Arts facility next Thursday.
If the bond goes through, Madill Public Schools will build a band room, choir room, speech, drama and theater classroom, visual and graphic arts classroom as well as a gallery and commons area. The new facility will include safe rooms, which are built to withstand tornadoes.
The band program has bounced around from space to space as it’s grown. A band room needs to hold anywhere from 75 to 100 students.
“We have a metal structure that is right outside of our gymnasium where the band is,” School Board Treasurer Carol Combs said. “It used to be band and choir, and band has consumed all of it now.”
Superintendent Jon Tuck said the schools’ enrollment has been increasing since 2002. Right now, all speech, drama and theater meet at the high school.
“The band room was formerly a dressing room for football, it was a cafeteria, it was a business room, now it’s an old metal building that housed band and choir,” Tuck said. “We’ve had to move choir to an old auditorium and take the wall out because of the numbers. Art is in a little building across the street, and they don’t have the facilities they need. Speech and drama doesn’t even have a facility.”
This bond comes on the heels of another, which provided funds to build ten classrooms and office space for the Early Childhood Center and a shop for the agriculture courses.
“The last bond was a little over $12 million, so this one is really not much more than that,” superintendent Jon Tuck said. “The increase was about a four or five percent increase initially, but our valuation has gone up, so that increase actually was lower. We estimate about two percent growth. We’re growing an estimated 4.68 average over five years, so we’re very conservative. We’re estimating a low growth and we’re growing faster.”