Assistant City Manager Kevin Boatright said Thursday the Main Street streetscape project will likely begin around Jan. 1.
He said the project will be broken into portions that will span through an estimated nine months in a Board of Trustees meeting of the Ardmore Main Street Authority. The city began taking bids from contractors  and intends to award a bid by next month.
An overhaul to Caddo Street, however, will precede work on West and East Main Streets, including water and sewer sections. This work could occur through Christmastime, he said.
Construction from streetscape will not inhibit traffic, he said, though it may limit its flow to one lane down Main Street.
Boatright added he has asked some business owners to sign temporary construction easements. These easements will allow construction workers to continue work on an owner’s property.
He said is compiling an email list of business and building owners downtown who could be affected by the streetscape project. While sidewalks are not expected to be compromised by construction, Boatright said construction workers may have to work a few feet on a store’s property.
“It’s in their contract … to keep the areas accessible,” Boatright said. “The only time it would not be is if they had to do a pour right in front of your doorway. But everybody will know when that will happen, if it does.”