It’s often been said you can always go home.

It’s often been said you can always go home.

On Oct. 7 Imperial Wrestling Revolution Chief Operating Officer Jerry Bostic will be back  in where it all began for him in the world of professional wrestling, the Hardy Murphy Coliseum.

A native of Ardmore/Lone Grove, Bostic is now the CEO of the proud wrestling promotion, and he along with a stable of Hall of Fame names from the wrestling world, will be bringing Oklamania II to the Coliseum during the first week of October. 

“OklaMania is such a special event for me, “J.R.” Jim Ross came up with the name, and together we sat down and put together the inaugeral event last year,” Bostic said. 

“It’s tough to follow what was such a special show, but I feel like this year’s event has the ability to be even more special. The very first time I was flipping through the channels I came across some huge, blonde headed and balding, larger than life superstar Hulk Hogan, I was officially hooked.” 

“The first live event I went to was a World Class event in the 80’s featuring the Von Erich’s at the Hardy Murphy. To me to say this event is special to me, is an understatement.”

Bostic added the event is even more special because the legendary Kevin Von Erich and his two sons will be at the event, along with the “Icon” Sting.

“On top of having it in Ardmore, to have it at the place I first saw wrestling,  and to bring Kevin Von Erich back to Oklahoma for the first time in over 20 years is very special,” he said.  

 “To be able to work with my childhood hero Sting, is something I am so blessed to have happen. I dressed up as Sting for Halloween when I was a kid, and to work with him now and develop a true friendship with him is really special to me.”

“He’s one of the most genuine people i’ve ever met, and we both do for each other like we’ve known each other for years, and he’s a very positive influence on me as a person.” 

The journey back to Ardmore and Oklamania II was anything but easy for Bostic, as he’s had to overcome professional and personal obstacles along the way.

But, with his proud promotion now in its third year of business and a packed show on the horizon, he’s choosing to reflect on the positives and looking forward to many more successes in and out of the ring, which include becoming a father to an expectant child with his girlfriend Kathia. 

“I’ve been in the wrestling business off and on for 11 years,” he said. “I started the IWR a little over 3 years ago with nothing at all except the help of parents, who have supported me and believed in me since day one. I’ve fallen and gotten back up, had the biggest of successes & failures in wrestling, lost a lot in my personal life because of wrestling, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m happier than i’ve ever been in life and wrestling.”

Bostic added on top of the numerous things he’s been able to do through this wrestling promotion for various charities and communities, his greatest joy is leaving a lasting impact on those around him as well as making dreams come true.

“My proudest accomplishments in the wrestling business are the positive impact we’ve had in the lives of our youth through speaking and presenting our product to them,” he said. 

“The wonderful opportunities i’ve been able to give my wrestling family in hopefully living their dreams like I live mine, and the ability to use this wonderful blessing and gift I’ve been given to give back to numerous communities through our donations.” 

Interested parties can purchase tickets online for Oklamania II and the Con event, which will take place the day of the show from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at, with tickets available for $10.

Multiple wrestlers will be attending the Con event, inlcuding Sting, along with Lex Luger and multiple other talents.

“Every single fan who has ever paid $1 to see us is the reason I do this,” Bostic said. “Those people are the reason we do this, and they will be the reason we’re able to bring this event back to Ardmore in future years, hopefully as a permanent fixture.” 

IWR will have events in Dickson as well as Lone Grove later this calendar year.