A group of about 140 divided into teams and spread out to different intersections across the city, picking up as much as they could within a two-hour span. Later, prizes were awarded for different categories, like “most interesting piece of trash” and “most valuable piece of trash.”
The Ardmore Clean Team organized the event in partnership with the Ardmore Beautification Council and the Main Street Authority. The City of Ardmore lent the group dumpsters to dispose of the grody haul as well.
“We did beyond what we were expecting,” ACT spokesperson Cheryl Key said. “We’ve been pretty amazed, and they’re all in shock at how much trash they picked up.”
 The groups mostly stuck to major roads and parks, then reconvened for lunch and the judging portion of the day at Mill Street Garage.  
Kerry McPherson competed with her team, the Trashionistas, who won the award for best team name. She said they worked their way down Commerce Street, finding bizarre trash along the way.
“We picked up roadkill, a ladies’ bra, a rubber ducky and dead snakes,” she said.
Another team, Talk Dirty To Me, started out on Highway 142. Debbie Galyean said her team got a handful of catcalls, free drinks from a Love’s gas station, and some very odd trash.
“They had mowed over some of the trash, and it had been torn into little bitty pieces,” Galyean said. “We also found the top of a lawnmower with a pull still attached to it, and a WalMart card.”
Many participants were members of another organization already and joined the clean-up crew en masse.
Leslie Christian, with Victory Life Church, participated with 16 members of the church’s Community Compassion Team.
“This is our first time doing something like this, but we had a great time,” Christian said. “This is exactly what we’re trying to do with our church. It was just a good couple of hours where we got to get out and talk to people in the community.”
Christian also said her team kept having to run back to the Mill Street Garage for more trash bags after underestimating the amount of garbage they’d encounter.