The first Ardmore High School homecoming parade in years brought school spirit to Main Street. Organizers expect next year’s parade to build off of this year’s success.
AHS student council advisor Robert “Chef” McGehee, who organized the parade,  said he’d started planning in August, right after classes started. ACS’ homecoming was unusually early this year, giving him even less time to plan.
“Overall, I think it went really well,” McGehee said. “More people came out than I ever expected. Overall, with all the different schools, it was more than 300 people.”
The community got involved as the day drew closer, with a former graduating class attending and family members supplying cars for the Homecoming Court to ride in.
“The only thing I was worried about was getting the convertible cars there for the Homecoming Court,’ McGehee said. “I was freaking out a little bit but once they showed up, it went really well and everything went off without a hitch.”
He plans to set up a homecoming committee next year with representatives from every school.
“I’m also going to talk to the administration to see about contacting alumni, to see if we can get them to come back, as well as reaching out to the community, to the Main Street Authority and the Chamber of Commerce, to get more businesses and community members involved in it,” McGehee said.  “Also, we’re going to start much, much earlier planning it, that way every student organization has the ability to build a float if they would like to.”
McGehee said his hopes are high, and with enough participation and hype, homecoming could turn into an all-day annual event.
“Hopefully, we’ll have double or triple the participants next year,” McGehee said. “And if it took an hour to run the parade, that would be great. Thanks to everybody for coming out and supporting Ardmore Tigers and our students, and I look forward to seeing you again next year.”