All the fixtures inside the new Boys & Girls Club on Main Street have been installed thanks to help from workers with Lowe’s Home Improvement in Ardmore.
A grand ribbon cutting is scheduled for Oct. 25 in order to commemorate the fully furnished venue in what used to be the Hallmark store of Ardmore. At the Boys & Girls Club, children can gather after school to relax, play, eat and receive help with homework.
The club has operated out of its location at 219 W Main St. since Dec. 1, and Jodi Barnes with the Boys & Girls club said the new location has aided with growth significantly.
“We’re excited to help more students now that everything is settled in,” Barnes said.
The club has about 115 students enrolled and serves dinner to approximately 25 to 35 students each night, Barnes said, and the reach of Boys & Girls Club will ideally grow from the help of Johnny Baker, a Lowe’s employee, and his coworkers. Baker said, “We painted it to get all that commercial feel out of it.”
Baker roughly estimates anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 worth of merchandise and service has been donated since Lowe’s began renovating shortly after the Boys and Girls Club moved downtown.
Freezers, refrigerators, microwaves and more have been donated, he said. Walls were also raised to give the club administrators a private space for business matters.
Lowe’s in Ardmore has decided to help the Boys and Girls Club each year as part of the Lowe’s Heroes Project. Lowe’s employees across the country are challenged each year to find somewhere in their community to help with handiwork.
“This is something we’re really going to invest in to help these kids,” Baker said.