A small crowd gathered outside at the HFV Wilson Community Center for a good cause and a good laugh Wednesday.
The Donkey Doo Drop has become a bit of a tradition, organized by Ardmore Parks and Recreation with the help of the community center staff. Donkeys were taken to a ring with 10 numbered squares painted on the grass. People purchased a number ahead of time for $10, and then, like a very juvenile game of roulette, it was up to the donkeys to choose which square to drop on. The money raised goes to United Way of South Central Oklahoma’s annual campaign.
“It’s actually really fun to do, it’s simple, and this way it’s easy to know exactly how much money we’re going to donate,” assistant Parks and Recreation Director Alicia Henry said. “We know there’s a $100 prize and 10 squares, so that’s a  $900 donation. This year, our winner actually donated his winnings, so we can donate exactly $1000 to United Way.”
Hilltop Equine Therapy, another United Way-affiliated nonprofit, brought the donkeys, Rosy and Rudy, to the community center for the event. A few people visiting the park stopped by the ring to donate money on the spot.
“Everyone out there is snickering and everyone thinks it’s hilarious,” Henry said. “We live streamed it on Facebook and had people saying they wish they’d known it was happening, so we’re talking about expanding to two separate rings with double the squares next year since it’s been so popular.
Rudy, Rosy’s son, finally relieved the audience’s suspense after about an hour and a half by choosing square 27.