Editor’s Note: This is part of an ongoing series profiling the 2017 Leadership Greater Ardmore Class.


Question: What do you hope to learn, or accomplish, while participating in the Greater Leadership Ardmore class?

Answer: “I look forward to learning about dynamic leadership styles and how different personalities can come together to make something big and positive happen in our community. I’m an optimist by nature and possibilities have no bounds in my mind, so working through the Leadership Ardmore experience and taking in all the information I can will only further equip me to bring something genuinely good to Ardmore.”

Q: Are there any areas of leadership that interest you more than others?

A: “I’m excited to gain a clear understanding about how local and state government sectors operate in conjunction with education and the arts. With my own child growing into the school system in the next few years, I want to make sure excellent values, high standards of cultural understanding, and options across the educational board are available to her. I believe that along with sports, the option for foreign languages offered earlier in schools, intercultural studies, and a broad spectrum of artistic options should be the norm in our education system.”

Q: What community organizations are you currently involved in?

A: “Right now, I’m a youth sponsor at Lone Grove Assembly of God. Teenagers know how to have church, so on Wednesday nights that’s what we do. I love seeing the next generation of leaders being led by God to be strong and do good things for others, so praying for them and helping them along is fulfilling and inspiring. I’m also a new member of Ardmore Young Professionals and look forward to exploring avenues to get more involved.”

Q: What aspect of Leadership Ardmore are you most excited about?  

A: “I’m most excited about meeting new people and learning about them and their work. I think Leadership Ardmore is going to be a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into how to be more involved in the community and connect with other leaders too.”