Several tax measures were renewed by Carter County voters Tuesday in a special election, while a measure in Springer ended the night in a tie. The unofficial results show Proposition No. 1, for the renewal of the sales tax on one quarter of one percent toward technology equipment and classroom materials for all common school districts in the county, was renewed by a vote of 78.95 percent to 21.05 percent, Proposition No. 2, for the renewal of the sales tax on one quarter of one percent for county road and bridge maintenance, was renewed by a vote of 77.84 percent to 22.16 percent. In renewing the sales tax, county commissioners hope to continue purchasing technology used in classrooms they would not be able to afford otherwise, including computers, software licenses and tablets. Carter County commissioners have continually stressed the importance of these measures as state funding dwindles. Jerry Alvord, Carter County Commissioner for District 3, was pleased to see the results in favor of the tax renewals. He said the only real backup plan was to be financially and fiscally wise with a more stringent budget, and that the county would have had to downsize. The Carter County Election Board reported a total of 2,422 voters from around Carter County Tuesday. 28,579 Carter County citizens were registered to vote as of Sept. 15, the deadline for voter registration. Diane Hall, with the Carter County Election Board, said that while election day went by without a hitch, she regrets the low number of people who turned out to vote. “That’s lower than average,” Hall said. “I mean, we have (about) 25,000 registered voters and all could have voted. Like in a presidential (election), you’d be getting about 50 percent.” About eight percent of registered voters cast ballots in this special election. The special election is estimated to cost the county around $10,000- $12,000, the Ardmoreite reported in September. In addition to the two propositions, the city of Springer proposed a sales tax increase of two percent, which resulted in a tie vote. The city of Healdton proposed a sales tax renewal of one half of one percent, which passed by a vote of 69.66 percent to 30.34 percent.