The Carter County Commission meeting Tuesday featured the approval of mostly house cleaning items around the county. The Carter County Sheriff’s Office was approved for a contract renewal of a digital fingerprint machine used on inmates. Maintenance workers from the vendor MorphoTrak told the Sheriff’s Office two months ago the county’s contract needed to be renewed. The extension approved was from Oct. 1 to June 30. Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant told commissioners that in June he would return seeking approval of a yearlong contract. The contract extension was late because a MorphoTrak representative quit her job about two weeks ago, Bryant said. But the Sheriff’s Office was able to forward previous emails and documentation to MorphoTrak, securing a contract renewal free of cost. “The people that were there at MorphoTrak, the young lady that we were dealing with quit, and this fell in between the cracks,” Bryant said. “We’re playing catch up with it right now.” Lone Grove Fire Department was approved for 22 new sets of wildland gear during the meeting. Joe David McReynolds, County Commissioner for District 1, said Lone Grove Fire Department was supposed to be included on the agenda for last week’s regular meeting with Dillard, Healdton, Springer, Sneed, Crider Hills and Fox/Graham Fire Departments. The city of Lone Grove was omitted for an unknown reason, he said. Wildland gear costs about $1,100 per set, McReynolds said in last week’s meeting, which may be purchased with state contract funds. Commissioners said this gear consists of “expendable items” that expire after a handful of years. County commissioners also finalized three engineering firms to choose from for biennial bridge inspections, as mandated by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. “Biannually, we select an engineering firm … for bridge inspections that go on continuously each and every year, where they’re going from one to another bridge,” said Jerry Alvord, County Commissioner for District 3. “It is time for us to select an engineering firm.” They will choose from CEC Corporation, Guy Engineering or H.W. Lochner to conduct bridge inspections. Out of the three, they said CEC Corporation was located the closest, having an office in Davis.