County agencies gathered for an annual mass medication drill conducted Thursday morning at the Ardmore Convention Center.
The number of volunteers who showed up for the event reached near 450, said Carter County Health Department administrator Mendy Spohn. And the number of citizens who participated in the drill reached close to that same amount, she added.
While these events are conducted on an annual basis, this is the first time such a crowd has gathered in 10 years, Spohn said.
The Carter County Health Department, Ardmore Police Department and other agencies aided in demonstrating to the community the county’s response to a plague. In past years, the event has involved mock car wrecks, bomb threats and other emergency situations.
Spohn said this kind of event is not only good for the community, but it helps departments work out the kinks before such an event.
“It is very important not only for our partners and the response to the agencies, but it’s important to share these plans with the public to make sure we have a plan and to practice it,” Spohn said.
In the event of a medical disaster, the state could reach out to the federal government for access to the National Strategic Stockpile, Spohn said. This is a stockpile of antibiotic medication collected for such emergencies.
Attendees at the event experienced firsthand what that would involve, as well as a mock distribution of antibiotics.