Development at Ardmore Industrial Airpark was the main focus Monday for the Ardmore Development Authority.

The Mobile Tower is now up and running with air traffic capabilities restored, Airport Operations Manager Chase Tindale said. Without a fully functional tower, the United States Military has been unable to utilize the airport for landing flights.

The Federal Aviation Association helped facilitate the renovation of the Mobile Tower, Bates said. Representatives of the FAA assisted the city in going through a series of approval processes.

“We are very happy, and I have to give kudos because (two men) did great jobs with staying on top of everyone to make sure we stay on track with getting that tower up and running,” said ADA President and CEO Mita Bates, thanking Tindale and Industrial Park Manager Denver Donaho. “The military traffic is back, and that’s what matters.”

Director of Marketing and Industry Relations Andrea Anderson said that after reviewing the 15 requests for proposals, or bidding solicitations, from companies the ADA has received prior to Monday indicates a strong demand for pre-existing, large buildings.

Twelve of the 15 were proposals for manufacturing of some kind, Anderson said, and many of them sought out spaces at least 100,000 square feet.

In fact, one additional request for proposal the ADA received Monday inquired if a 750,000 square-foot space was available to use.

“We are seeing more and more of these companies wanting existing buildings, which tells you turn time has gotten very short,” Bates said. “These companies are ready to move and they don’t want to build.”

The ADA also approved a bid for the construction of two 150-foot by 75-foot hardstands. A $367,150 bid from GGC Enterprises Inc. was accepted.

H.W. Lochner, Inc. has collaborated with the public trust on this project and recommended the ADA accept this offer, Bates said.