The election for an Ardmore City Schools bond that will fund several long-term projects is slated for Nov. 14.
The bond consists of 2 resolutions. Resolution 1 would raise $48,300,000 to build an 800-seat performance hall. Once the center is complete, the money will also be used for foundation work at Charles Evans Elementary, improvements and additions to the former UCSO building, which is now the district’s administration building, and other smaller projects.
The plan is to include a dance studio, art gallery and practice rooms for ACS students at all grade levels. Superintendent Kim Holland said the performance space would be available for community performances as well.
“We’ve had community input from the very beginning so we knew we were going to benefit the community as well as the school district,” Holland said. “Obviously our kids would benefit from it, but we’re already planning some joint shows between various groups in the city as well as our kids.”
At the high school, the outdoor canopies that cover walkways from the main building to the fine arts building, gym, Take Two and the cafeteria have fallen into disrepair and need to be replaced.   
“That’s going to need to be fixed pretty soon,” Holland said. “That canopy is in really bad shape, it has to be repaired. The original structure wasn’t the most well thought-out plan. Our architect and builders have something that’s more durable and a whole lot less expensive to replace.”  
The band room will also be expanded to accommodate a growing band program and better storage space for their many, many instruments.
“It’s pretty crowded, especially with Chauvin (Aaron, band director) back and the growth of the band,” Holland said. “It’s hard to secure instruments in the area they have right now.”  
AHS’ cafeteria restrooms also need to be updated to be ADA compliant.
The second part of the bond, Resolution 2, is  a $2.5 million plan to purchase new school buses over time.
The district plans to buy 12 new school buses next year to replace its oldest buses, then purchase 3 new buses every year until 2023. The district currently has 30 buses, the oldest of which is a 1991 model.