Finishing touches are being applied to the former location of Noble Energy, currently undergoing renovation to become the new Carter County commission building in mid-November.

Commissioners on Monday approved an inspection agreement, monitoring agreement and monitoring equipment set-up with Firetrol for the $1.2 million remodeling project, of which $700,000 is funded with taxpayer money. The location, 110 W. Broadway St., was donated to the county in 2015 by Noble Energy.

The total annual price of the agreement is $3,600. District 3 Commissioner Jerry Alvord said investing in Firetrol services is beneficial to the county in the long run because of past deals with the company.

“We have an agreement with them prior. It will save us quite a bit of money to reenact them,” Alvord said. “We must have a monitoring system in place prior to the 100 percent inspection after construction is done.”

Commissioners added that Firetrol offers an array of amenities the county could explore in the future. But quick turnaround is currently the priority.

“For now, we’re only doing what we have to in order to satisfy the state fire rules,” Alvord said.

The services of an engineer with OpenGate Technologies for networking services not to exceed $5,000 was also approved for the new office.

Commissioners described the new office as “high tech,” having several technologies that require working knowledge of professionals. 

While they did express confidence in the county’s staff to handle the technology in the future, they believe it would take them longer to procure all necessary technologies in lieu of hiring an engineer.

“What (the engineer) can do in a day, it would take (staff) a longer time, because he doesn’t have the education yet. We would have to send him to school,” Alvord said. “This is the quickest, fastest, easiest way to expedite this.”

Alvord said county staff will work closely with the engineer with OpenGate in order to ensure future internal serviceability.