Carter County District 1 Commissioner Joe David McReynolds will take miscellaneous equipment to a Circuit Engineer District Auction Dec. 2 in Marland.

County commissioners approved the motion in a regular meeting Monday morning in hopes of making a sizeable profit to go toward CED No. 3, the district out of eight statewide that includes Carter County.

Items including a truck, an asphalt patcher, a pressure washer and more have been unused in District 1 for about a year now, McReynolds said. 

He intended to sell the property in an auction to be organized on his own, but decided to take it to the Marland auction instead.

District 2 Commissioner Bill Baker said participating in an official CED auction is advantageous to placing it for auction elsewhere.

Carter County, among fellow counties classified in CED No. 3, will benefit from whatever profit is netted after the auction.

“A portion of that money goes back to our engineering district,” Baker said. So the counties in our CED will benefit from that, on top of our county getting the opportunity to sell the stuff.”