The Street Division Maintenance Building Project will cost the city $4,917 more than originally planned.
City Engineer Thomas Mansur presented changes to the public works building on Veterans Boulevard. These changes include the addition of slab and foundation concrete, steel to reinforce the building, restroom tile work and the subtraction of shelving, selected furniture and pallet racks.
The building was designed on a bid of $374,000 from MacHill Construction was previously accepted by city commissioners. Mansur said the final structure design of the building required an additional 108 cubic yards of concrete.
“This particular building is a very stiff building. It’s lightweight, and the principle forces are vertically up rather than down,” Mansur said. “Problems come not from the soil itself, but the weight of the foundation. So we added additional concrete.”
Restroom tile work was originally going to be completed by workers affiliated with the city of Ardmore. But in the interest of timeliness and with the advice from a professional contractor, Mansur opted to seek professionals who could ensure a quality tile job at a quicker rate.
Shelving and pallet racks were removed from the city’s invoice from MacHill Construction in order to save money. Pricing for individual racks and various other components averages about $500-600. Instead, Mansur was confident he could find them at a cheaper rate outside of services provided by MacHill Construction.
The additions and subtractions to the Street Division Maintenance Building Project now come to a total cost at $379,417.
Mansur said Monday the building component to the project is near completion, furnished with lighting. Final steps include installation of a suspended ceiling and bathroom tiling.
“We are essentially finished,” Mansur said. “We’re in the last $50,000 worth of the project.”