Carter County Commissioner for District 1 Joe David McReynolds and Sheriff Chris Bryant will conduct an auction that is open to the public at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 5 at the District 1 barn located at 15921 U.S. Highway 77.

Surplus equipment from District 1 and the sheriff’s department will be up for auction, including industrial equipment, vehicles seized by law enforcement and more.

“The majority of these items … are seized vehicles or items we no longer have any use for,” said Kacie Wilson with the sheriff’s department.

Commissioners also approved the sheriff’s department request to advertise for bids on retired law enforcement vehicles.

Bryant said these vehicles will not be open to the public for auction, but rather for other municipal agencies.

“These are two vehicles that we have still equipped to sell. We issued them to surplus several months ago, and they still have the lights on them and stuff, so obviously, we can’t sell them to the public. This is just strictly agencies,” Bryant said. “Whether it’s city or county doesn’t matter.”