County officials might have been able to move into the renovated Sam Noble Energy Building by now, but phone service delays have put those plans on hold.
The $1.2 million renovation of the former Noble Energy Building at 110 E. Broadway St., save some small details, has been completed, according to District 3 Commissioner Jerry Alvord.
Installation of hardware and transferral of county phone numbers to new phones has delayed the move-in originally slated for mid-November to early December.
“The hold-up is AT&T. They’ve told us a handful of things, and we’re not really sure what to make of them,” Alvord said.
Commissioners approved a contract with AT&T Sept. 23, costing nearly $52,000 for installation and implementation of purchased equipment and maintenance for updated phone services around the county, excluding recurring monthly charges.
New phones are being installed in the new commissioners office, the Carter County Annex Building, the Carter County Courthouse and the Carter County Sheriff’s Office. But collection and importation of data from landlines to the updated system makes for longer completion times, AT&T contractors expressed in the commission meeting Sept. 23.
“That’s not a conceptual thought to me. I imagine that they just flip a switch and be done with it,” Alvord said. “We’re getting closer we think, but I am hesitant to plant any seeds.”
The building must also pass comprehensive inspections by the city of Ardmore and Ardmore Fire Department before anybody can move in, Alvord said, but that will come sooner than expected thanks to early completion of renovation, he said.