Local stores broke out the Christmas decorations and welcomed incoming families with discounts and specials for Small Business Saturday.
American Express started Small Business Saturday in 2010 as part of a push to support local businesses the day after Black Friday. Since then, Ardmore’s local retailers have participated, giving locals a chance to find unique gifts and decorations.
Brandi Moore, at The Rage, said the store has participated in the day every year.
“It’s a little bit busier, and we try to do specials from a few local Oklahoma brands that we carry,” Moore said. “This year, it’s Calamity Jane shirts on sale for $10, and Livy Lu from Oklahoma City did a sweatshirt for $20. We also had Okie Candle Shop candles on sale today.”
She said shoppers were equally interested in Christmas shopping and grabbing discounted items for themselves.
“They come in and they grab what’s on special, but they also bring a list with them and go ahead and knock that out, too,” Moore said. “I guess people just decide that it’s after Thanksgiving and they need to start shopping.”
 Annette Shirley and LeeAnn Mashore with Thread’s Clothing Co said the event usually helps bring in new faces.
“There’s definitely a bump,” Shirley said. “We really like to carry a lot of pajamas during the holidays, along with scarves, hats and mittens. And we’ve got little gift bags for everything, so you don’t have to wrap anything.”   
Susie McCleskey, who was visiting family in Ardmore for Thanksgiving, said they made a day of shopping downtown.
“I found some antique Christmas ornaments and some other good bargains,” McCleskey said. “Now we’re just taking a break at the coffee shop, and we’ll head back down the other way.”
 Courtney Schob, McCleskey’s daughter, said they’ve taken advantage of the sales in previous years, but this is the first time they’ve made a day of it.
“Since my mom’s visiting, we figured we’d come out,” Schob said. “We wanted to support local businesses, and you can find so many unique gifts on Main Street. And it’s fun. To me, Black Friday is just stressful. It’s more like work. But here, you can park and walk.”