Ardmore Police say an infant boy born Friday, Nov. 24, allegedly tested positive for methamphetamine in his system.

Sgt. Brice Woolly said the Department of Human Services contacted APD after the child was born, confirming meth had been passed from the boy’s mother. His mother, 25, and father, 35, both reside in Ardmore.

Woolly said criminal charges could be filed against the mother once DHS completes its investigation of both parents, medical personnel and anybody else involved in the child’s birth.

The police department, once the DHS investigation is complete, will determine whether to reach out to District Attorney Craig Ladd for prosecution.

Woolly said DHS and local law enforcement have been trying to crack down on children born addicted to drugs in recent years. Doctors are able to determine in advance whether a child will be born dependent on some substance, ensuring that law enforcement is immediately informed once the child is born.

“Usually, they’ll know during the pregnancy,” Woolly said. “If the mother tests positive for drugs or alcohol during the pregnancy, by law the doctor’s office or the hospital has to report that.”

DHS did not include any details on potential health complications from drugs in the newborn’s system, but Woolly said the child is likely in good condition.