Action concerning the Carter County Sheriff’s Office was taken in Monday’s Carter County commission meeting.

A membership for Air Med Care Network for the sheriff’s department was approved. Commissioner for District 3 Jerry Alvord said the yearly membership ensures county employees are covered in the event they are careflighted to a hospital as opposed to being directly billed by the careflighters.

“This insurance is offered to all county employees. The sheriff’s yearly budget is his to do what he pleases with, and he has decided to bring this through commissioners,” Alvord said. “When an employee gets this, it encompasses careflights.”

Action was also taken on potential bids for two vehicles at the sheriff’s department, a Chevrolet Tahoe with lights and sirens installed and a pickup truck. The only bid to come through was for the Tahoe, which was approved by commissioners.

In other action, commissioners had to acknowledge to the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission that city municipalities manage area building permits and not the county. Alvord said this was a routine acknowledgment the state requires county commissioners to document.

“The state wants notification from the counties on if they issue and maintain building construction permits,” Alvord said. “And Carter County has not and does not.”