Ardmore Animal Shelter is offering free obedience training to dogs who’ve come through their doors, even if it’s been a while since then.
Dog trainer Cheyenne Hodges, with Caution K9 Kennels, will lead three week courses that will cover basic information about dogs’ temperaments, common behavioral problems that result in dogs being returned to the shelter, the importance of veterinary care and at-home training owners can continue once the classes have ended.
Hodges said the idea came from brainstorming with Animal Shelter board members Scott Sutherland and Beth Marshall.
“This is a problem nationally, the number one reason for returns of adopted dogs are things that could be changed with proper training,” Hodges said. “Most of the time, the families just aren’t equipped with the knowledge or resources to get their dogs trained.”
Hodges will schedule a class when at least 3 or 4 participants sign up. The classes will always be held from 9 to 10 a.m. on Saturdays at the animal shelter in three-week blocks. Week one will cover the importance of regular veterinary care and how illness can effect a dog’s behavior, week two will cover basic commands like sit, down and off, and week three will cover information about a dog’s behavior and temperament, and how the owners can continue to train the dog at home.
“The main goal is to reduce the cost of adoption to the owner and the number of dogs returned,” Hodges said. “This is for common problems like housebreaking, nuisance behavior, chewing because nobody’s played with them and they have energy.”
Even if a dog was adopted from the shelter in the past, owners can still bring them back for training.
“As long as we can trace the dog back to the database at the animal shelter, they can be included,” Hodges said.
To sign up for classes, contact Hodges through the Caution K9 Kennels Facebook page, or call at (580)668-0487.