The results for a special election to replace the Gene Autry board of trustees ended with two members being elected unanimously, with the third trustee edging out a fourth contender by a margin of 11-4.
According to former Gene Autry Mayor Kyle Lawson, 15 registered voters showed up for the town hall election, unanimously electing Barbie Morgan and David Colaw to the board. The third and final seat came down to Robert Gilio and Jaunita Malone, with Gilio taking the seat. Morgan was selected to chair the board as town mayor.
Gilio was the only member elected Tuesday to have served on the previous board of trustees, while Colaw previously acted as the president of the Gene Autry Community Center. He also previously served as the town’s fire chief, according to Lawson.
Lawson said he’s offered to the assist new mayor in her transition into office.
“I’ve really enjoyed serving the community of Gene Autry, it’s a beautiful community,” Lawson said. “Despite recent issues between Robert and I, I want to continue to be a resource for him and work through our issues for the prosperity and advancement of the town. I have faith that each person elected has the town’s best interest at heart.”
The board plans to meet for the first time at 7:15 p.m. Thursday.
“Right now, we need to reorganize and see where we are at… starting with ordinances.”  Morgan said.