A lawsuit between Ardmore City Schools and a former student’s guardians may soon be resolved.
Ardmore City Schools Superintendent Kim Holland and a member of the ACS board of education will attend a court-ordered settlement conference, where a judge will likely make a final decision.
“I hope this is it, but you never know what a judge is going to do,” Holland said. “But I’m anticipating that will be the end of it.”
The board approved a partial settlement agreeing to pay no more than $30,000 to cover the plaintiffs’ legal fees in September. Oklahoma School Insurance Group, a service the district uses, will pay whatever remaining amount the plaintiffs are awarded.
“We have what is essentially an insurance company that will pick that up, that has acted on our behalf,” Holland said.
The case involves a former Ardmore City Schools’ student, referred to as “Student A,” who is autistic and mostly nonverbal. The student recorded video and audio evidence of alleged mistreatment from staff members on a device called a “Talker.”
The student’s parents filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma against the district last year, citing the recordings and a series of incidents that began in 2013.
“This happened a long time before I got here, and I hope it never happens again,” Holland said.
Former Superintendent Sonny Bates resigned from ACS last year.