Volunteers at the Greater Southwest Historical Museum’s military museum had their efforts recognized this Monday.
Museum director Wes Hull addressed the group of about 20 volunteers, recalling challenges they’d faced throughout the year.
“Since its opening, it’s been operated strictly by volunteers and sometimes we get a little bit thin but we’re always successful,” Hull said.
Betty Carroll, Shirley Beard, Jim Dyer, David Engle, Jerry Goode, James Matlack, Glenn Mitchell, Pam Nelson, George Shields, Gary Simmons, Kent Tucket, Janet Banks and Ken Sutherland were all recognized for the hours they’ve spent volunteering with the museum over the course of the year.
“Behind the scenes, we do a lot of work that people aren’t always aware of, but we keep track of those hours as well,” Hull said.
Volunteer of the Year Award went to Ken Sutherland, the Special Achievement Award went to two volunteers, Jerry Goode and James Matlack, and the Sweetheart Award went to office manager Lisa Allen.
“Your leadership and volunteer work have made it possible for the museum to fulfill its mission,” Hull said. “Your professionalism and ability to serve has contributed in a significant manner to the mission of the Military Memorial Museum.”
This year the museum expanded, adding two new buildings that make up the ‘Tools of our Land’ exhibit, showcasing farm equipment donated by Jim Dyer.
“It isn’t always easy to volunteer,” Hull said. “Thank you very much for the many hours you put in here. The volunteers come out every time we need them, and they’re always there.”
Greater Southwest Historical Museum Board President Keisha Lemons spoke as well, thanking volunteers for their support.
“Without you and the military museum, we wouldn’t have the attendance and the visitors that we have for the Greater Southwest,” Lemons said.
Hull said the military museum often attracts visitors from nearly all 50 states over the course of a year.
“We’ve gone as high as 15 different countries as well, and that says a lot,” Hull said. “During July and August, when school is out, we have a lot of Texans come.”