The Lone Grove City Council entered an agreement Monday in hopes of helping its water customers potentially avoid tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs.
The agreement gives AirMediCare — an aviation ambulance service —  access to Lone Grove water customers’ mailing addresses while providing the customers with a discount code for supplemental insurance that would cover the cost of any mediflight transports that are needed in the event of serious injury or accident under the company’s umbrella of service providers.
Lone Grove city councilors agreed with Larry Fitzpatrick, who represented the company at the meeting, that similar mediflights for area residents have cost upwards of $40,000, not all which is covered by health insurance.
The agreement will give Lone Grove water customers access to a group discount for the service, though they are not obligated to purchase anything from the company.
Lone Grove City Manager Ian O’Neil said the rate for the insurance generally runs more than $100 a year, but with the discount code, Lone Grove water customers would have access to a rate of about $65 a year.
“It’s a great insurance to have,” O’Neil said. “If you know anyone who has had to use a mediflight, you will see the benefit,”
Fitzpatrick pitched the agreement Monday, citing an average of about 40 air-medivacs from Ardmore each month.
As per the agreement, AirMediCare will contact Lone Grove water customers once a year via mail to offer enrollment into the insurance plan. The agreement does not include any other personal or contact information for Lone Grove water customers and the company has stated that the addresses would not be used for other purposes nor shared with other companies.