With colder temperatures on the way, area homeless are expected to spend more time in numerous shelters throughout the city.
One such shelter, the Salvation Army, has all the food it needs to feed those hungry mouths, however, they are currently running dangerously low on other critical necessities.
“We are in need of new beds, bedding, pretty much everything else,” Captain Alan Grimes, commander of the Ardmore Salvation Army, said. “We are barely able to help the people we have now.”
Grimes said the shelter currently has space for 30 beds, adding that it rarely stays at full-capacity averaging about 10-15 people a night. The shelter is one of the few in the area that accepts adult males, though other shelters like the Broadway House will accept adult males that are dealing with substance abuse issues.
Grimes said that most people who use the shelter do so on an emergency basis, often staying there a few days until they are able to “get on their feet and find stable housing.”
The Salvation Army typically operates as a night shelter, but will open its doors throughout the day during periods of “hazardous weather,” like when temptress drop below freezing for prolonged periods of time.
In the event of an emergency situation that requires expanded hours for the shelter, the Salvation Army relies on volunteers to keep its doors open.
“If we don’t have anyone to work, we can’t stay open,” Grimes said. “And to have people work, we have to have money to pay them.”
The shelter is currently in need of additional donations, both monetary and through volunteers and in the form of necessities often overlooked in contributions donated from the community.
“The food is great, really it is,” Grimes said. “But we also need cooks. We need utensils to serve the food and we also need our kitchen equipment updated. The whole building needs updated and we are always in need of all the common household necessities.”
Grimes said the shelter remains in need of items like soap, shampoo, towels, blankets and sheets, along with most common household cleaning supplies.