Repairs at Jimmy J’s Dairy Freeze are underway, but the crew is in a race against time and the elements to get the job done.
Police discovered that a car had crashed into the restaurant during the early hours of December 10, smashing a hole in the east wall of the rectangular building. Since then, owner Jim Jensen has been working to repair the damage.
“I’ll be able to move forward on the inside once that wall is complete,” Jensen said. “It’s still a long process.”
The building will require electrical work and plumbing work before it can be reopened. For the moment, Jensen said he’s focused on rebuilding the east wall before weather has a chance to further damage the interior.
When the car collided with the building it took all of the kitchen’s equipment with it, including the range hood. Jensen said Lowe’s donated lumber for the repairs, a gesture that has helped him get started on repairs.
“The walls have to be surfaced and have to be repaired,” Jensen said. “It pushed all of my kitchen equipment up against the west wall, so it went from one wall to the other wall.”
Initially, Jensen had planned to continue using the restaurant’s catering truck while the repairs were being made. However he said that between repair costs and colder weather forecasts, those plans have changed.
“I’ve lost all of my inventory, so funds to stock that catering trailer would be almost impossible at this time,” Jensen said. “And all of my time and effort is going toward getting this done.”
Jensen took over Jimmy J’s roughly four years ago. Originally, the spot was known as “Miller’s Dairy Freeze” and sat on a different corner, but the building was moved in the 80s to its current location on G Street NW.