Getting vaccinated against the flu takes less time than getting a burger and fries to go if you know the right place.  
Carter County Health Department, the Chickasaw Nation and the Ardmore Fire Department are holding a free drive-thru vaccine clinic from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. January 8 at Fire Station One on Rockford Road.  Coordinating Nurse Amber Marr said the process will take roughly five minutes per person.  
“There’s much less paperwork and it’s very quick,” Marr said. “We had one of these a few months ago and it was very well-organized. People even came in on their lunch break and still had plenty of time to go eat.”  
Anyone nine and older can receive the vaccine. Marr said the vaccine was donated by the Chickasaw Nation, allowing the department to hold multiple events to combat this year’s particularly bad flu season. According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, hospitalizations due to the flu peaked statewide in February.
 Marr said that working together on things like the vaccine drive-thru gets the two groups used to working with one another, the way they might need to during a more serious health crisis or outbreak.
 “It’s a good collaboration,” Marr said. “We become more familiar and comfortable around each other, so it’s very helpful for both of us, even just in little ways, like learning everybody’s names and faces.”
 Marr said the department is also offering the vaccine at their clinic, but the process will take longer than the drive-thru. The departments ask that no participants bring their pets in the car with them when they come to the drive-thru.
 “If you bring pets, we’ll make you turn around,” Marr said. “It happens every year.”