New housing is springing up in Ardmore, filling a gap that has long existed in a city with limited space.
Construction on a group of 22 townhomes in a lot at 4th Avenue NW and P Street NW, behind Homeland Grocery and Pharmacy, is underway. The city agreed at a board meeting Monday night to rezone one final corner of the empty space so construction could continue unfettered.
Oklahoma Property Managers President and Milestone Homes CEO Lance Windel said the P Street townhomes will look different from the company’s other developments, 60 townhomes in Hickory Ridge called Lake Shore Landing and another 22 in the downtown area.
Once complete, the townhomes will be 1500 square feet and consist of a ground floor and a smaller second floor housing 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Windel said the townhomes will come with amenities similar to an apartment complex, like a club house and exercise equipment.
“It’s a tight rental market in Ardmore, especially if you’re coming from somewhere like Dallas and you’re used to a bigger market,” Windel said. “But the city works with you. Ardmore is in the top two cities I look for in ease of development.”
Winded said the townhomes near Homeland should be ready to occupy in April.
Ardmore Development Services Director Jessica Scott said Ardmore has struggled to keep up with a growing demand for housing for years.
“If you want an expensive home, it’s easy, but if you’re in that middle range it’s harder, especially for renters,” Scott said. “The availability of decent rental homes in that mid range is almost non-existent.”
She said the city’s expansion in recent years plays a large part in the dilemma.
“Ardmore keeps growing, but our housing is just not keeping up,” Scott said. “People now realize there’s such a need that they’re starting to get interested in building in Ardmore.”