After two and a half months, charges have been filed against Shonda Barnes over the findings revealed in the 130-page, 3-year audit conducted by Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones in September.
Felony charges of embezzlement of state money were filed against Barnes regarding the use and documentation of SODA REAP funds in August 2014.
According to court documents, the DA claims that Barnes violated state statute, Title 21, Chapter 8, Section 341, when in her official duty as town treasurer, she knowingly made a false entry by requesting the reimbursement prior to the purchases being made, noting that the debt incurred from the purchase was not paid until Feb. 2015, some six months after the request for reimbursement was made resulting in the Town of Mannsville wrongfully receiving REAP funds from SODA due to false representation.
According to the audit: A REAP grant reimbursement request submitted to SODA by Barnes included a fictitious invoice totaling $4,212.10.
The report stated that Barnes submitted a REAP Grant “Request for Funds” to SODA on Aug. 26, 2014. Included as part of the request was a document for $4,212.10 from the vendor Ardmore Electric Supply, presented as an invoice for reimbursement. According to the report, the document presented to SODA included a handwritten note stating, “All material delivered and installed.” The report goes on to claim that the attached note implied that the “purchase had occurred and the work performed...” But upon further review, “it was determined that the note was a “price quote” and not an ”... invoice for materials...” The report goes on to state that the mentioned document had “also been altered to show the Mannsville Fire Dept. as the quote recipient,” as reported  in September by the Ardmoreite.
The felony charge brings penalties to not exceed $500 and imprisonment in the state penitentiary for a term of not less than one year nor more than 20 years.