Construction on the former Noble Energy building, which will gain a second life as a Carter County government building, is nearly finished.
The Carter County Election Board, county commissioners, treasurer, assessor and possibly the district attorney will move into the building once it’s complete. County Commissioner Jerry Alvord said their offices are currently spread out between the Carter County Courthouse’s main building and annexes.
“This move was going to have to happen in time regardless,” Alvord said. “The county clerk’s been in (Annex) for ten years, and they’ve already borderline outgrown that.”
Noble Energy gave Carter County the building, located on West Broadway, when they moved to Houston. The building has been renovated steadily over the course of the last year. Recently, the county spent an additional $7,225 repairing floors in the part of the building that will house the election board.  
“This has been an opportunity for us to do things that were going to be inevitable at a minimal cost,” Alvord said. “It’s faster than we had planned, but this was a godsend for us.”
Crowding is far from the only issue. With so many people coming in and out of the courthouse, it isn’t easy to enforce security measures.
“We need to help them,” Alvord said. “There’s one courtroom, which is obnoxiously small, there’s no jury room.”
Once the Noble building’s renovations are complete, the treasurer and assessor will move into it. The district attorney may move into the building as well. Those entities are harder to move than the election board, because moving requires downtime they might not have.
“Then, the courthouse will be a courthouse with the security they so desire,” Alvord said.
Alvord said they’re tentatively planning to move in some time in January, but there’s no set date yet. Phone lines still need to be installed at the new building and like so many others planning a move, the county has to work with the phone company.