Despite the steadily-declining temperature, visitors and volunteers turned out for the final night of the Festival of Lights in Ardmore Regional Park.
Different groups volunteer to work every night, guiding cars through the display and collecting donations. This year, the Ardmore Lions Club were on duty during the final festival night of the year.
Lions Club member Lesilie Walker said volunteers brave all kinds of conditions to make sure the show goes on.
“We’re kind of like the postman,” Walker said. “Sleet, hail, rain, high winds, it doesn’t deter anyone.”
Organizations that want to volunteer meet at the Chamber of Commerce and draw numbers to determine what days they’ll work. Lions members working Saturday  night said they’ve been coming to the festival either since it began, or for as long as they could remember.
Susie McCracken, with Ardmore Parks and Recreation, said she’s grown accustomed to seeing the same visitors every year.
“You see the same faces come through and you get a lot of comments and compliments from them,” McCracken said. “They’ll say ‘They look better this year than they did the last year.’”
Lions Club member Kipp Crutchfield, who said she had bundled herself in three layers “A Christmas Story”-style, said she’s met visitors from far-flung places every year. This year, for example, she met a visitor from Russia who was passing through.
“She was visiting and she thought it was just so cool,” Crutchfield said. “One night, we looked at all of the different tags and it was amazing. They should have had lights where they were going, but they pull off here.”
The department has made small changes over the years. Recently, they started phasing in new LED bulbs on some of the displays, which burn brighter and are more durable than traditional bulbs.
“They’re a lot more long lasting and they take up less electricity,” McCracken said. “So we can plug a lot more into our already existing power sources.”
The festival is open from 6 to 10 p.m., but lingering guests or a long line near the front can easily draw out the workers’ night for another hour.