While Popeye’s gears up to start construction on a new location in Ardmore, Taco Casa and Panda Express are taking steps to open restaurants here as well.

Ardmore Development Services Director Jessica Scott said Popeye’s and Taco Casa are planning to start construction soon, while Panda Express is still at the pre-development stage. 

“They’re all at very different stages and I think you’ll see some other food coming soon as well,” Scott said. 

Popeye’s will pop up on Commerce Street, in the parking lot of The Shops at Ardmore. Taco Casa will be located near the intersection of Broadway and Rockford Road and Panda Express will be located on 12th Street, east of Rockford Road.

‘We’ve been lucky, we’ve had a lot of steady growth,” Scott said. “Now that things are picking up everywhere, it picks up in Ardmore too.”

Scott said, from her perspective, development tends to happen in cycles as the population of Ardmore increases.

“I’ll have a good period of residential growth, then there’ll be consumer growth, then residential growth,” Scott said. “Then it keeps going as we try to meet those needs.” 

Taco Casa franchise owner Brandon Parker said once construction begins, the building will take roughly 110 days to complete.

“It’s the area,” Parker said. “It’s a growing area and the location, we feel, is a good one. It meets our criteria.”

Parker said the location will start hiring a few weeks before the opening date.