On New Year’s Eve, while most people were getting out of the cold or spending time with family ringing in the new year, thieves were out taking advantage of the reduced traffic and early closings to make a quick buck.
Carter County Dodge and Carter County Hyundai were targeted Sunday afternoon as thieves made off with nearly $15,000 worth of stereo and navigation systems from six cars.
According to Ardmore Police Captain Keith Ingle, surveillance video of the thefts show the suspect in a late model, white, Ford F-150 four door truck with a lift kit, black aftermarket wheels and dark tinted windows. The tag was partially obscured but appears to be a black Texas tag, with the last two letters ZW or ZX. Ingle said an eyewitness described the suspect as a 35-45-year-old white male, standing at about 6’2 with a medium build,  a light beard and goatee, eye glasses and greying hair at the temples.The suspect was wearing a green jacket and black baseball cap.
“The dealerships said the cars were locked when they left and they were locked when they got back,” Ingle said. “They didn’t notice the stereos were missing until they tried to sell the cars.”
Ingle said the factory systems were stolen from the cars in “broad daylight” from the locations on Holiday Drive and Broadway Street.
“We encourage people not to buy these types of things from people who may be unreputable for this reason, just to be safe,” Cody West, public relations spokesman for Carter County Dodge and Carter County Hyundai, said.
The dealerships are offering a $2,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Ardmore Police at (580) 223-1212, or the dealerships at (580) 229-1210 or (580) 319-4949.