Police are warning Ardmore citizens not to fall for an odd scam.
APD posted a message to Facebook warning that someone claiming to be from a company called Elite Sports was going door-to-door, claiming to be selling magnets sponsored by the City of Ardmore. APD Captain Keith Ingle said the scammer claimed they were selling magnets that read “911.”
“They’re trying to bogusly sell these 911 stickers by saying they’ll put a businesses’ info on them for a certain amount of money,” Ingle said.
Concerned callers initially alerted police to the scam. The department put out the warning on Facebook after checking with Police Chief Ken Grace and city manager JD Spohn to confirm that there were no actual city-sponsored magnets.
Ingle said the would-be salesperson was not asking for any personal information, just money. So far, Ingle said he doesn’t know of anyone who has been successfully ripped off and police are not actively going to investigate.
“Unless someone loses money or they catch them in the act, then no,” Ingle said. “Or, if they call us and [the scammers] are still there.”
Ingle said a similar scam involving customized menus for restaurants has circulated in Ardmore in the past.