An old saying says that “Slow and steady wins the race.”

An old saying says that “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Thursday night, slow and steady meant victory for the Sulphur Bulldogs in their dual against Ardmore. 

While the Tigers started each match with a burst of energy, the Bulldogs played the long game. 

This tactic led Sulphur to a decisive victory over Ardmore, as the Bulldogs won by a score of  54-18 in the middle school dual, before winning 48-30 in the high school dual. 

Ardmore coach, Kevin Gill said he liked the way his boys competed on the mat. 

“We won three matches with the junior high, and we had to forfeit six matches because we did not have anyone to fill those spots,” he said.

Throughout the entirety of the middle school duel, Gill and Sulphur coach Drew Swartz agreed that the 150-pound weight class was a great match up. 

The exciting junior high match was between Gavin Hobbs of Ardmore and Cole Gentry of Sulphur and finally came to an end when Hobbs was able to get the pin on Gentry.

“It was kind of back and forth. But he wrestled hard and came back with the win,” Gill explained.

“Gentry really showed up to winter practices and doing good things. He got caught in a bad situation there and it was a good match,”

As the high school meet portion of the night opened, it was clear that numbers would not be nearly as much of a factor as it was with the younger group. The high school teams ended the night at 48-30 in favor of Sulphur with only three weight classes being forfeited on the Ardmore side. 

Despite losing the meet, Gill kept his optimism.

In fact, the Tigers won six of their matches, most of them ending in pins.

Gill referenced two of his wrestlers who fought particularly hard during their matches and were able to pull out the win. 

“At 126, Daylon Lewis wrestled really well with his first match out of the year. And at 145, Oscar Interiano wrestled a really really great match,”

One of the most explosive matches of the night was the heavy weight class. 

Sitani Leneki wrestled for Ardmore in the 285-weight class and moved on the mat with the speed of a wrestler at half the weight. 

Leneki ultimately was able to pin his opponent despite malfunctions with his headgear at several points in the match.