The Mannsville board of trustees met Monday with only two items on their agenda for discussion: Terminate, suspend, promote, demote or increase the salaries of town Treasurer Shonda Barnes and Fire Chief Derek Gray.

After conferring in executive session, town trustees returned to the regular meeting where they voted 2-1 in favor of taking no action during the meeting. Trustee Gary Glidewell voted against the measure.

Barnes is currently facing a felony charge of embezzlement of state funds regarding the use and documentation of SODA REAP funds in August 2014.

Barnes made her initial court appearance last Thursday in Johnston County.

Barnes was not present at the meeting where a standing-room-only crowd waited patiently for the trustees decision.

“We can’t do anything until Shonda’s court proceedings have finished,” Mannsville Mayor Don Colbert said. “We can’t make a decision until the court does. We discussed it with the town’s attorney and  I don’t see any changes at this time. Shonda will keep her job because there is nothing determined yet.”

Gray is currently awaiting proceedings for a misdemeanor DUI charge in Johnston County Court. The trustees voted 3-0 in favor of taking no action.