In the world of sports, siblings choosing to go play college sports together is nothing unusual.

In the world of sports, siblings choosing to go play college sports together is nothing unusual.

However, Wednesday afternoon inside the lobby of Ardmore High School, something not just unique, but special happened for two sets of twin siblings on the Ardmore Tennis team.

Twin sisters Lizette and Lizbeth Corona, along with twin brothers Nicholas and Isaiah Williams all signed their national letters of intent to play college tennis together at Crowley College in Arkansas City, Kansas in front of a standing room only crowd of friends, family, and teammates. 

“I was so nervous being in front of all those people,” Lizette said. “Now I’m better and I feel so great knowing where my future is taking me and what’s to come for us.”

“This is a special moment for myself and my sister (Lizbeth),” Lizette added. “We’ve always been together. This is our next step together and very memorable for us.”

Lizbeth added she’s very excited about playing college tennis and seeing her sister pursue her dreams as well.

“I knew Crowley College was going to take all four of us as a group,” she said. “This place also offered what we wanted to do as far as careers were concerned as well, so that just made things that much better for us. I’m planning on majoring in architecture, and Lizette wants to major in nursing.”

Both sets of twins will be joining a highly successful tennis program, which last year saw its mens team finish sixth overall at the national tournament, while the women’s team claimed 11th nationally.

Prior to the 2017 season, the Lady Tigers had also won three straight Region VI titles as well.

“This is obviously a very special and unique day for all of us in Ardmore,” Ardmore tennis coach Nathan Roberts said. “I don’t think anything like this has ever happened before. At the same time it’s a little sad knowing these quality student-athletes aren’t going to be here next year, but it’s still exciting for everyone.”

“These four individuals have worked so hard being in this program,” Roberts added. “All of them just lead by example through their actions and today it shows what hard work can bring.”

As for the Williams twins, they were all smiles knowing their college future together was now official.

“I’m just excited about getting to play alongside my brother,” Isaiah said. “The size of the college is great, and the tennis program is nationally recognized as well which is a big deal for us.”

“We’re going to work hard and see how good we can be out there,” Nicholas added. “You don’t really hear many stories like this about kids getting to go to the same college together. I’ve got a great bond with my brother, and we know how to win together.”