The State Medical Examiner’s Office released its findings in the September death of a Carter County inmate, ruling the death as accidental.
Gregory Sullivan, 44, of Ardmore died Sept. 8, 2017, at Mercy Hospital about a day after being booked into the Carter County Jail.
According to the medical examiner’s report, Sullivan’s death was the result of the toxic effects of methamphetamine, noting that a hypertrophic cardiomegaly, or thickening of the muscles in the heart, likely contributed to his death. The report also notes that no lethal physical trauma was present.
Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant told The Ardmoreite in September that Sullivan, who was arrested for public intoxication, drugs or alcohol, still showed signs of intoxication the next day. His office immediately contacted emergency medical services when it was determined the man needed medical attention. Sullivan died later that same day while receiving treatment at Mercy Hospital.
Bryant said the jail maintains a policy of isolating and observing inmates showing signs of intoxication.
“They are put in isolation and monitored until they no longer show any effects of intoxication, or they come down and become sober,” Bryant said. There is no way for us to know what or how much of anything they ingested. We always ask. But they don’t usually tell us.”
Bryant said inmates kept in isolation are monitored for any signs of distress or abnormal behavior.
“They are watched, they are always on camera,” Bryant said. “Once we see any abnormality, we notify emergency services right away.”