The department head for the Healdton Police Department is stepping down tomorrow. Chief Johnny Turner said he is retiring from the position and current Assistant Chief Jon Sumner will be taking over as Interim Chief.
Turner said after seven years of working together, Sumner has his recommendation for a permanent position as Chief.
“I hope he gets it,” Turner said. “That’s why I made sure he went to chief school last year.”
Turner said Sumner also participated in the first Bridge Academy that Turner taught.
Sumner has been in law enforcement for more than 8 years, serving in Purcell, Wayne and the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. Sumner is also a taser instructor, he said.
As Interim chief, Sumner said he hopes to find “good officers with no trouble in their employment records.”
Healdton faces challenges as a small community, including drug activity. Sumner said he plans to try to fix that.
Sumner outlined plans to be involved with the town’s residents. “I encourage the community to come to us,” Sumner said. “We will do anything we legally can to help the community.”
Sumner also volunteered his own time in 2013 to help the Moore community after tornadoes caused devastation.