The Ardmore Police Department released its annual Uniform Crime Report Analysis Wednesday which showed an overall reduction in criminal activity for last year compared to 2016. The report was compiled by the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations.
Major crimes, such as rape, murder, assault and burglary were down 12 percent combined. Minor crimes like shoplifting and theft from automobiles or buildings also showed significant decline.
Captain Keith Ingle said the department also recovered 7.9 percent more stolen property.
“It’s because we are able to maintain good officers where we had a lot of turnover before,” Ingle said. “Patrol is doing a heck of a job solving things or getting a lot of information when they go out, which allows the investigators to wrap things up fairly quickly.”
He also noted the city had only two homicides for the year, both of which occurred in November. In 2016 there were a total of 6.
Mayor Martin Dyer said he is happy the report confirms the downward trend in crime numbers.
“It shows the positive things happening with the police department being fully staffed,” Dyer said. “The report does show the number of dispatch calls for service has increased. That is because of the addition of the motorcycle division because those call numbers include traffic stops.”
Dyer also attributed the lower rate of automobile collisions in Ardmore to the efforts of motorcycle officers DJ Long and Audi Gee.