United Way of South Central Oklahoma has set a new record.
Final donations for its 2017 campaign have been accounted for, bringing the total amount raised up from $988,405 to a final-final total of $1,042,527.
Executive director tobi daniel Ervin said UWSCO has never cleared the $1 million mark before.
”It’s incredibly exciting,” Ervin said.
Ervin said a company that wishes to remain anonymous pushed the campaign over with a large donation that took some time to collect.
“We were trying to figure out how to hold those employees up,” Ervin said. “But there are so many donors all together, it’s impossible to name them all, so we hold the whole community up for being so generous.”
Ervin said the chapter is still planning ahead for the new year, but they want to focus on working more with UW partners in counties outside of Carter, and working with partners who support veterans and senior citizens.
“Because of so many people that care, that’s why so much good gets done,” Ervin said. “Because you’re donating to 32 different agencies, you’re donating to the entire gamut of people who have different needs.”