It’s not quite a drive-thru for groceries, but it’s pretty darn close.
A new pick-up service is coming to Walmart’s Ardmore location next month. Soon, customers will be able to order their groceries online, drive to the store and have an employee bring their groceries directly to their car. Construction on a bright orange pick-up area on the north side of the building is already underway.
Walmart personal shopper Theresa Howell said the new service will roll out on
February 28.
“It’s good for disabled people, mothers with more than one child, anyone who can’t just easily get out of their car and shop,” Howell said.
Customers get a phone call letting them know when their orders are ready. When they come to pick up their groceries, they’ll be able to park in a designated spot and wait for an employee to bring their order out. Howell said the store plans to hire new employees to staff the area.
The new service, once available, can be accessed at Customers can place orders in advance as well.
Howell, who said she is the oldest of 13 siblings, said she understands the draw of the new service.
“As someone from a large family, I know my mother would have loved this for sure,” Howell said.
Walmart has been expanding the online pick-up service to more and more locations since 2016.