Defendant Craig Stanford made a decision over the weekend. The Ardmore man was facing the prospect of the death penalty in a jury trial accusing him of murdering Aaron Lavers and Anthony Rogers inside their A Street NW apartment on May 17, 2016. 
After a week of hearing the prosecutor's evidence, Stanford agreed to change his plea to guilty in exchange for removal of the death penalty.
In exchange for the plea, Stanford also revealed the location of the murder weapon to Ardmore Police. The gun was located on Sunday.
The gun, stolen from the victims and used in the murder, was buried on the property next to Stanford’s mother’s home - the same location where Ardmore police found stolen property belonging to the victims and burned clothing that prosecutors believed was used in the murder.
“After serious discussions with Mr. Stanford we determined that the likelihood of acquittal was minimal and that there was no reason to risk being sent to death row,” Stanford's attorney Jason May said. “Mr. Stanford ultimately decided to give closure to the families of his victims by admitting to the murders.  Mr. Stanford accepted responsibility for his actions and authorized me to disclose the location of the murder weapon, which has already been recovered by law enforcement. I believe this outcome is fair to all parties involved.”