Last week brought four cases to the Carter County District Court docket.
The only case remaining, involving unlawful possession of a controlled substance by Mario Martin Cruz, of Ardmore, was moved to a nonjury trial which will begin Thursday morning.
Another case involving controlled substance charges resulted in an unusually quick verdict Monday in the case of Deondre Devon Maytubby.
Attorney Kimberly Tressler said in that case the state showed the evidence was found in an adjacent room from Maytubby and not actually on his person, which could have been a reason for acquittal.
A mistrial in the felony drug case against Travis James Hignett stands with no new developments as yet. That case, if retried, could put Hignett in prison for two years to life or result in fines up to $20,000, or possibly both.
In a huge turn around by the defendant, the Stanford double-murder trial is pending sentencing after the location of the murder weapon was provided to the state.
“In that situation, where a case was lacking in physical evidence, it means a lot to the victims’ families,” said Craig Ladd, Carter County District Attorney. “There were several delays due to the nature of the case.”
The case had been pending since charges were initially filed in 2016. Ladd said situations like the one in the Stanford case, where someone enters a home with the intent to murder the occupants, are a rare occurrence.