Local law enforcement got a jump start on Spring cleaning this week after a warrant roundup netted the arrests of 17 alleged methamphetamine dealers.
The February arrest stems from investigations that began months earlier through the joint efforts of the Carter and Love County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, U.S. Marshals and Ardmore Police Department.
Those investigations led to the arrest of Brittany Rorie, Jimmy Stewart, Diane Patterson, Brian Haley, Falicia Scrivener, Austin Dodd, Allen Fox, Benjie Hickman, Lorena Perez-Garcia, Robert Carmon, Josh Milliken, Joe Barnes, Elizabeth Mayfield, Ryan Hagood, Dylan Cottrell, Shanna McCrary and Patricia Vaughn, all charged with Distribution of Controlled dangerous substances.
The 17 accused are not believed to be connected, with most believed to have different suppliers.
“We don’t know exactly where they are getting their drugs,” Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said. “The drugs are being brought in and I believe they are coming in through larger cities.”
The collaborative effort led to felony charges being filed in district court in late January.
“A lot of these guys start selling (meth) to supplement their own income, their own addiction,” Bryant said. “It really is an awful disease, an awful addiction. Once it gets its claws into you, you can’t get away.”
Bryant said the investigation was ongoing, encouraging residents to notify law enforcement if they notice any unusual or suspicious behavior, inlcunding high or excessive traffic at odd hours.