Dicey weather and icy roads that started Tuesday are leading to late starts and closed schools today.
As weather began to worsen on Tuesday, Ardmore City Schools and Plainview Public Schools decided to stay closed Wednesday and the City of Ardmore offices closed early for the day. Today, both districts will stay closed along with Dickson, Ringling and Wilson, Southern Tech, among others.
Jonathan Kurtz, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Norman, said rain will continue on and off until Saturday as temperatures increase toward the end of the week.
“Throughout the night, this freezing rain and sleet will continue to pass through the Northeast,” Kurtz said. “There will be patchy, freezing drizzle overnight and a chance of freezing rain in the morning.”
Kurtz said the temperature should be above freezing by noon Thursday, and the region will see more rain on Friday. However, temperatures should be in the low 50s by Friday, preventing any more freezing.
“By then, it’ll be all rain all night,” Kurtz said. “It might be a cold rain, but it will just be rain.”   
The City of Ardmore closed at 1 p.m. Wednesday with plans to open at noon today. City manager JD Spohn said he made the decision because roads may freeze overnight.
“We looked at the weather and we’re under Winter Weather Advisory until 9 a.m., and we’re supposed to be above freezing by noon” Spohn said. “This is for the safety of our city employees.”
Captain Paul Timmons, a public advisory division commander with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, said while there was a noticeable increase in weather-related accidents on Tuesday, there were fewer on Wednesday.
“A lot of people stayed closed or closed early [on Wednesday], so drivers were able to get home earlier,” Timmons said.
Timmons said despite that, anyone who can stay off the road today should.
“This is not supposed to end until midnight, ODOT is out working but it’s not getting better anytime soon,” Timmons said. “Unless people really have to be out, travel is being discouraged. The less traffic there is, the safer it is.”