Several cases involving incidents of vandalism across Ardmore over the weekend remain open this week.
One case, where several juvenile runaways’ horseplay resulted in at least one broken window at the Ardmore Public Library, has been turned over to the appropriate unit for investigation. A video of the incident showed that the teens were throwing things at each other when an object missed its target, instead striking and breaking a window, Ardmore Police Capt. Keith Ingle said.
Three other incidents occurred downtown. Confetti’s reported a window broken when someone allegedly shot at the building with a BB gun. There have been no suspects named in that case. Another nearby building was vandalized using rocks and a railroad spike on Saturday, where broken windows resulted in an $800 loss in the 200 block of A Street NW.
More windows were busted out on Main Street, again with no suspects. In that incident, the property owner, Todd Yeager, said the vandals were reported to have been seen driving a white Durango after allegedly smashing the windows with a traffic cone.
“The kids that did this just have no concern for getting caught,” Yeager said. “They just hopped out and did it and left.”
Yeager said he knows the city does everything they can, but nobody can be everywhere at once. He said they are considering installing additional cameras to prevent future occurrences. Yeager estimated about $770 to replace the windows, not including labor costs.